Welcome to Estonian Chamber of Commerce!

Estonians set up chamber of commerce, at last - so wrote the news2biz LITHUANIAno 275 on 27 May 2009. 

Estonian Auditorium in Vilnius University re-opening November 13th 2019

Estonian Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce, that our members MERKO; Kapitel; ELKE Grupp; Toode; Enefit Lithuania; Finesta; GoSwift; Lux Express and Robert Juodka, Primus Derling as well Estonian companies Standard and Harju Elekter, active in Lithuania, have renovated the Estonian Auditorium in Vilnius University. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020! Read more

On September 18, 2019 at Estonian Embassy in Vilnius after summer holidays took place the Season 2019 Opening Event followed by a Reception. Guests were welcomed by H.E. Mrs. Jana Vanaveski, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia and Mr. Robert Juodka, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce. Read more