Welcome to Estonian Chamber of Commerce!

Estonians set up chamber of commerce, at last - so wrote the news2biz LITHUANIAno 275 on 27 May 2009. 

Estonian Auditorium in Vilnius University re-opening November 13th 2019

Estonian Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce, that our members MERKO; Kapitel; ELKE Grupp; Toode; Enefit Lithuania; Finesta; GoSwift; Lux Express and Robert Juodka, Primus Derling as well Estonian companies Standard and Harju Elekter, active in Lithuania, have renovated the Estonian Auditorium in Vilnius University. 

Chairman of the Board Mr Robert Juodka's thoughts on the Financial Markets event
   Robert Juodka, Managing Partner of the law firm Primus Derling in Lithuania, Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, moderator of discussions. "The round table discussion is my idea, which I have been...
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