Value proposition


We contribute in promoting Estonian business / commercial interests in Lithuania by facilitating reliable networking.

We seek to strengthen a platform for exchange of expertise, knowledge and best practice.

We develop trusted partnership by building valuable connections with members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

Kai Kaarelson

Ambassador of Estonia to Lithuania

Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania has been faithfully serving its members since 2009. It has been proven as a useful instrument especially for Estonian newcomers in Lithuanian market, who will find a cozy small and welcoming business community that is always willing to share its experiences about the Lithuanian business environment, the „do’s“ and do not’s“.

Robert Juodka

Certified Independent Board Member, Attorney at Law.
Managing Partner (International Business) at PRIMUS Law Firm.

We contribute to promoting Estonian business and commercial interests in Lithuania by facilitating a reliable network that is based on eagerness to cooperate and shared values.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is a trusted partner with business-wise connections: executives, politicians, professionals of priority sectors, opinion leaders and decision makers.

An ECC Member is granted to a strong platform with market know-how, industry knowledge and real exchange of best practice.

Join us!

Algirdas Karpavičius

Managing Director | Nixor LT

To have the possibility to share useful information and experiences among members.

To increase the company’s visibility in the business community.

Get good emotions.

Amelija Rudenko

Director, Narbuto 5 Business Center (KAPITEL group)

The uniqueness of our Association is that we are a small, more mobile community than others.

We have created a cozy and safe atmosphere for members to share their ideas, concerns and achievements.

The members of the Association understand the value of this organization, which they gladly share with others.

Deniss Davõdov


To meet with business community people.

To meet with diplomatic community from Lithuania and other countries.

To have possibility to be invited to international business or diplomatic meetings or events.

To exchange experiences and knowledge.

Erwin- Arved Leis

One for all and all for one.

One for all and all for one.

Genadijus Makuševas

Managing partner

We want to share our knowledge with new members of Chamber and help setting up their business in Lithuania.

We seek to collaborate with perspective companies and our Grant Thornton Baltic partners in Estonia.

We strive to be up-to-date with the new tendencies of all sectors.

We participate or organize events of a valuable content for business growing.

We always here to seek for innovations.

Gintaras Gavėnas

Management consultant

Participation in networking.

Get acquainted with active businessmen.

Learn new ideas and know how.

Indrė Kirklytė

Managing Director | Finesta Lithuania
Staffing & Recruiting Services

The benefits that come from being a member of ECC:

  • ­Cozy and friendly atmosphere
  • Meeting prospects and building relationships (meeting decision makers face to face);
  • ­Business referral
  • Learning, sharing experience

Katrin Vellesalu

Managing Director|Baltic HRS | Baltic Hospitality and Retail Systems

The atmosphere of our association is chambered, completely devoid of the „coldness” sometimes characteristic to business.

I like that I can reach out to any member for advice on a matter of my interest and be sure to get a quality response.

I would like to continue to have the opportunity to build business relationships, consult on topics that are not well known to me and share our company experience if needed.

Tomas Krisčiūnas

Writer, sales trainer, high performance coach

Our club is small, niche, so you will always be heard. We have very simple, democratic structure.

All the present members are familiar to each other. New members learn about us from the events and the members themselves.

Anyone who loves Estonia and Lithuania can join our club.