About us

About us

Estonian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, non-governmental business association representing Estonian capital-based companies in Lithuania.
ECC focus is on supporting Estonian companies in Lithuania, representing their interests and promoting trade and entrepreneurship.
The members:
• are provided with the possibilities of networking within the political and business environment;
• exchange valuable and beneficial experience in Lithuanian market.
The activities facilitate a constructive dialogue on matters relating to business environment in Lithuania and the global level.
ECC was founded in 2009.
Today ECC brings together 27 companies from different business sectors.


We want to be recognised as trusted, reliable and valuable business driven community.


Our business driven community:

• promotes Estonian business / commercial interests in Lithuania by facilitating reliable networking;
• provides a platform for exchanging expertise, knowledge and best practice;
• develops trusted partnership by building valuable connections.


• expertise and social status, based on Estonian business culture;
• professional and social networks;
• competencies and excellence;
• communality;
• new clients;
• daily assistance to members in gaining business profit.