Welcome to NJORD, press-release, February 25, 2015
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Welcome to NJORD, press-release, February 25, 2015

MAQS Law Firm is changing its name and since 2015 the offices in four of the five MAQS countries, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, are known as NJORD Law Firm, or just NJORD.

The reason for the mane change is that the law firms in Denmark and Sweden have agreed to split up into two, as the Swedish law firm has chosen to concentrate on a strictly national, Swedish, strategy. Therefore from January 2015, MAQS only consists of the Swedish law firm, whereas the Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian firms continue under the name NJORD. We will continue the existing – and successful – Nordic strategy, aiming at rendering legal services to our clients in all the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

Our new name has been chosen with great care. NJORD is the name of the god from the Nordic mythology who is associated with trade, prosperity, and seafaring. The N in NJORD relates to the direction of the compass – north – at the same time defining our primary market area.

NJORD Law Firm