WEBINAR INSIGHTS (3/4): Preparation to meet the travellers. There is nothing more important than safety of our guests.
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 Joanna Świerkosz, VP Marketing, Communication & Guest Experience, Accor Eastern Europe.

It’s the moment to reinvent ourselves and to rethink what else we can do, because the business will come back. 

The vacation period is coming and the reopening of the hotels will be in a few weeks. Domestic market will be the first to open. The recovery will come, but the questions are when it will be. We hope it will be this summer. Sea side hotels will be fully booked in strong domestic markets. After the flights will be reopened, it will be easier to plan the results. We plan the returning to the prepandemic situation in 2020 – 2021.


We are the hospitality group. However, we face this postcovid reality and meet the challenges of this period. We need to be safe but we’ll continue focusing on welcoming and heart warm.

I represent Accor Eastern Europe that operates in 16 countries in Eastern Europe from the Baltic see to the Black and the Adriatic Sea. We are 12 brands from luxury to economy class with portfolio of 150 hotels. The lock down was unusual situation and the challenging time for our group.

Accor Eastern Europe group plans to open 60 percent of the portfolio till the middle of June. Our focus is the preparation for the opening of 5000 hotels around the world with safe and caring environment.

Our clients are looking for the safety and cleanness at the first place. Though hospitality is our main goal and the essence, the measures should be implemented. The other direction is digitalisation. With our habits to buy everything on internet, digitalisation will play key role. All the services should be digitalised so that we could make self - check or online check at the hotels. It will allow our guests to make it quicker.

We know that 50 percent of our loyal clients are focused on the cleanness mostly. To meet their needs, we implemented the VIP welcome protocols in all our hotels. As we want our clients to feel safe, we took additional measures and cleaning procedures. Safe environment is crucial for our employees as well.

-          “All safe label”. It’s developed with and vetted with Bureau Veritas and represents new elevated cleanliness protocols and standards, and provides assurance that these standards are met in all our hotels. It assures that all the measures are verified on the international level but not on the local level. And it’s not an ordinary check list.  

-          “Partnership to provide medical support”. We joined the efforts with AXA the international health assurance company to provide medical support for out customers. They will have the medical support free of charge. The services of local doctors recommended by AXA will be available in 110 destinations.  

Find more: http://www.all.accor.com