Welcome to Estonian Chamber of Commerce!

Estonians set up chamber of commerce, at last - so wrote the news2biz LITHUANIAno 275 on 27 May 2009. 

Estonian Chamber of Commerce New Season Opening 2018

On September 12, 2018 at Estonian Embassy in Vilnius after summer holidays took place the Season 2018 Opening Event followed by a Reception.

  • TIME: 12th of September, start from 15:30 (until 18:00)
  • VENUE: Estonian Embassy, A. Mickevičiaus str. 4a, Vilnius

Estonian Chamber of Commerce new season opening at the Embassy of Estonia in Vilnius, September 12th 2018. Read more

For the seventh time Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum brought together energy sector leaders to discuss energy related issues in the Baltic region. 23 speakers from 6 countries covered topics from global trends in energy sector, state policy, regulatory and financing issues to energy security and energy independence in the region as well as gas market developments in the Baltics and the rising importance of renewable energy market. Read more

7th Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum 2018 Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum is an annual event for 7 years in a row bringing together energy sector leaders and decision makers and is dedicated to provide a strategic energy outlook in the Baltic region, discuss issues of regional cooperation, analyse changes taking place in the gas, electricity and renewable energy sector. Read more