KEY INSIGHTS (1/2): Financial Markets & M&A Round Table 2020
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Tautvydas Marčiulaitis, partner and fund manager “Milvas”

Financial markets in 2020. Will 2020 be the year of the peaks or will we see volatility coming back to the markets? Baltics as a potential safe haven.

"The zero-interest environment encourages extremely high indebtedness, and companies' sensitivity to changes in interest rates is growing. US presidential candidates will make every effort to prevent markets from collapsing.

Force majeure such as a coronavirus can become a match to set fire to a powder keg.

Companies operating in the Baltic States are relatively indebted. The amount of deposits is extremely large, so we can maintain liquidity, if necessary, from local resources.

It is necessary to attract and encourage local small investors to invest in local capital." 

Aare Tammemäe, Partner at „Redgate Capital“ (Estija)

Baltic bond market in 2020. Corporate bonds as an alternative to bank financing and as attractive investment vehicles for the local investors.

"Baltic investor demand is high, retail demand in Estonia has been surprisingly positive. Local pension funds in the Baltics are investing more and more in the local bond issues. More activity on Nasdaq + First North bond lists, trading volumes steadily increasing. Bond listings made more easier for local issuers by Baltic law-makers."