Chairman of the Board Mr Robert Juodka's thoughts on the Financial Markets event
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Robert Juodka, Managing Partner of the law firm Primus Derling in Lithuania, Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, moderator of discussions.

"The round table discussion is my idea, which I have been realizing for 10 years. Although the event was constantly changing, its core idea remained. I have always strived for as much as possible objective and constructive information and expert opinions on topics important to the business audience in Lithuania. This becomes especially important with the emergence of information bubbles in the public space.

There have been a variety of topics and speakers over the past 10 years. We started with investment funds reviews. Later we moved on to capital and financial markets. The event grew and evolved. Today it has his own audience and his own energy.

For me personally, it is important that experts gather here to communicate, and it is important to get the  first-hand news and trends. This is important to me as a person, a professional, a lawyer and an investor.

I believe that traditional roundtable participants share this view“.