Estravel American Express news, June 10th, 2014
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Estravel American Express news, June 10th, 2014

For Lithuanian tourists – the most popular European holiday directions

In which country the best topics for a conversation at supper are football and soup–operas? Where should you be aware of crossing your legs in public, since locals might see it as a sign of disrespect? Where should you always accept an invitation to the sauna? In which places of the world can you easily win respect by praising wine and food?
“In Lithuania, as well as across Europe, the number of intellectual travelers is increasing. They are more educated, curious, as well as concerned not only with the cost of the trip, but also their safety and the credibility of the travel organizer. When deciding which country to visit, they expect exclusive experiences, impressions and memories that would meet the standards of their so–called “journey of a lifetime”. Since travel agents are considered to be the guarantee of good quality travels, it is natural that the requirements for them are increasing. Therefore, we are extremely happy to have this opportunity to invite Lithuanians this year to beloved countries appreciated by the Europeans,” said Žydrė Gavelienė, the General Manager of the travel agency Estravel American Express presenting Estravel travel deals calendar.
According to the General Manager, among the tourist destinations that are currently the most popular among the Europeans are Georgia, Scotland, Mexico, Iceland, Lapland, New Zealand, Singapore, Ceylon, Maldives, Turkey, Tuscany and South American countries.
By providing Lithuanians with a unique opportunity to travel across the abovementioned countries, Estravel American Express urges tourists to pay attention to cultural differences and keep an open mind when discovering a new country by, for example, learning a few phrases in the local language, reading about the customs and cuisine.
“This is the only assignment for the traveler who has already decided where to go. Experiencing and getting to know the country must be his primary concerns. All of the abovementioned destinations, were carefully researched by our specialists, who visited them more than once and highlighted their unique places to visit, facilities and entertainment opportunities. We send a group of tourists to each destination every month of the year; they are assisted by our experienced travel consultants, who are attentive to personal needs as well. There is a good saying: traveling is the only thing in the world that you spend money on and become richer,” Žydre Gavelienė comments the new tourist season.

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