Estonians set up chamber of commerce
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Estonians set up chamber of commerce, at last - so wrote the news2biz LITHUANIAno 275 on 27 May 2009.

Estonian investors have long featured at the top of Lithuania's FDI rankings but it is only now that the national aspect of this presence and activities in the country will be formalised by launching the Estonian Chamber of Commerce at the end of April 2009.

"Informal communication and cooperation between Estonian businesses in Lithuania has been going for years. It's just that someone had to take matters into one's hands and actually build up an organisation. In this we've received strong support from Estonia's Embassy to Lithuania and the Estonian government," says Robert Juodka, the chamber chairman, to news2biz LITHUANIA. "As all chambers, we will maintain close contact with government institutions as well as other foreign business associations."